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We provide customers with more energy-saving and efficient motor products
2024-05-08 21:40:41

In recent years, with the global emphasis on energy and environmental protection and the advancement of China's industrial upgrading, more and more companies have begun to focus on energy conservation and consumption reduction, and have gradually transitioned to high-efficiency and energy-saving motors. As a company specializing in motor sales, we actively respond to national policies and provide customers with more energy-saving and efficient motor products.


We recently had a successful case. After receiving a demand from a domestic fan factory, we provided them with motors that meet the new national standard's first-level energy efficiency, including 4 sets of YE5-280M-4 90 kW and 12 sets of YE5-355L-6 250 kW and 15 YE5-3552-8 250 kW. In addition to meeting the national first-level energy efficiency standards, these motors also have the following advantages:

First of all, these motors are very efficient and can save a lot of energy compared to traditional motors, thereby helping companies reduce energy consumption and costs. Especially in situations such as fans where load changes are relatively large, the use of variable frequency motors can better meet the needs of actual load changes, improve the overall operating efficiency of the system, and further reduce power consumption.

Secondly, these motors are also very reliable. They adopt the latest design technology and materials, with higher overload resistance and longer service life. With reasonable maintenance and management, these motors can run stably for many years, creating more economic benefits for the enterprise.