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Shaanxi Qihe Xicheng Electromechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a company that provides customers with power equipments and solutions. The company currently has 80 management and purchasing personnel, 50 technical personnel, and 20 sales managers. The pyramid-style talent management policy enables business personnel to With the assistance of colleagues from other departments of the company, we can help customers solve all problems that may arise in the early stage of pre-sales, after-sales and product quality assurance:

-Select power equipment with high energy efficiency, low energy consumption, sufficient and stable power based on the real needs of end users, and give specific brand, series and model recommendations;

-Adjust product-related dimensions according to customer special requirements;

-Provide the highest quality products;

-Provide the most competitive prices;

-Provide the most suitable production cycle;

- Customize transportation solutions according to the individual requirements of different customers (including but not limited to sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation and multimodal transportation)

-Quick response, timely feedback and full efforts to solve after-sales and product problems;

In the more than 20 years of operation, the company has been continuously expanding its scale, improving its professional capabilities and work efficiency;

We currently maintain long-term and mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with more than 30 motor manufacturers at home and abroad, such as ABB, Siemens, Wolong, NEC, SIMO, PINXING, XEMC, CHANGSHA and many other brands.

Our products range: high voltage ac motor, medium & high voltage motors, 6kv motor, Z4 series DC motor, 440v dc motor, Z2 series DC Motor, high voltage slip ring motors, YRKK motor, three phase electric motor, 6kv synchronous motor, variable frequency motor. They are widely applied in industry, agriculture, manufacturing, petroleum, metallurgy, coal mine, power plant, chemical industry, printing industry and so on.

The company regards production quality as the lifeline. All products have passed CCC and CE certification, ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, the Ministry of Railways CRCC certification, CQC quality management system certification, ZDHY environmental management system certification, China energy saving production certification, and major international certifications of the motor industry such as UL, GOST and other related production quality certification.

Who we are: Professional provider of power equipments and solutions

Our mission: to provide customers with power equipment with high energy efficiency, low energy consumption, sufficient and stable power

Our vision: Customers' machinery rotates infinitely, and wealth rolls in all the time